Texas Skyz FB Arwen 4*M AR


Confirmation Pictures

Barn Name: Arwen

DOB: 4-5-2017

ADGA & AGS Registered

Color: Pale Gold with White

Arwen's Theme: Lord Of The Rings

Arwen's 3rd Freshening Udder

Arwen's 2nd Freshening Udder

Arwen's FF Udder

Buttercups FF udder.jpg



Picture Courtesy Of Texas Skyz

Pictures Courtesy Of Texas Skyz

Sire: Texas Skyz LT Freedom Bell *B +AV 81

Sire's Sire: Freedom Star Lil Texas +B +VV 85

(Incognito Farm Pedro VVV 86 X SG Howling Hill Larissa V+EV 86)

Sire's Dam: SG Harlequin RB Belladonna 3*M VVVV 87

(SG Piddlin Acres BRS Reboot ++*B VEE 89 X SG Piddlin Acres DJ Breaking Dawn 2*M VEV+ 87)

Dam: SG Open Hands Farm TUX Buttercup 3*M V+EV 86

Dam's Sire: Agape Oaks AD Tuxedo +*B VVE 88

(Poppy Patch HB Adonis +B VVE 88 X GCH Agape Oaks GHIR Tiramisu 2*M EEEV 90

Dam's Dam: SG Agape Oaks M Irresistable 2*M V+EE 88

(Agape Oaks FC Miracle +B A++ 77 X SG Sugar Creek's JT Sandstone 1*M VEEV 90)

Show History

Not Shown

Linear Appraisal


       YEAR           DIM            MILK             BUTTERFAT           PROTEIN   

       2018 - Not On Test                                                                                    

       2019 -            292               655                        52                          32         

       2020 -            299               900                        60                          44          

       2021 - Not Bred                                                                                          

Comments: *2019 Lactation-On this lactation Arwen kidded on 3-16-19 and went on test on 6-26-19 and still was able to achieve her AR Star!

Kidding History

2018 - Single Doeling (Sire: Challah)

2019 - Triplets: 2 bucklings & 1 doeling (Sire: August Rush)

2020 - Twins: 1 buckling & 1 doeling (Sire: Renegade)

2021- Not Bred

Offspring Retained Within Our Herd

7W Farm's C Hobbit

7W Farm's R Prancing Pony