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About 7W Goat Farm


                          Two of our very first goats:                        

(L) Texas Skyz FB Arwen and (R) Texas Skyz CC Mavis

Welcome to 7W Goat Farm!

We are the Wingo Family from White Oak, Texas and we are so happy to have you join us on our goat journey! 

Our farm began in 2017 with our first goats, we bought 5 Nigerian Dwarf does and 2 Nigerian Dwarf  bucks and began our herd with these wonderful critters. Our first year with goats was spent watching these kids grow and learning everything we could about goats. In 2018 we experienced our first kidding season and we had 4 kids. In 2019 we had our second kidding season. We kept some kids, sold some kids and added some new herd members including a new breed for us: Nubians! In 2020 we added another new breed: Mini-Nubians. We are so incredibly lucky to have these amazing, and beautiful animals to be a part of our family and our goat herd. We hope you will continue to join us on our goat journey! 


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