Buffalo Clover NIK Lady Lake


Confirmation Pictures

Barn Name: Lake

DOB: 3-18-2019

ADGA & AGS Regeistered

Color: Black with White and Roaning

Lake's Theme: Medieval Times/King Arthur

Castle Rock In-the-Nik-of-Time.jpg
castle rock In-the-Nik-of-Time-Rear.jpg

Pictures Courtesy Of Buffalo Clover

Sire: Castle Rock In The Nik Of Time

Sire's Sire: Castle Rock Triumph +*B

Sire's Dam: SGCH Castle Rock Nikita

buffalo clover Lady-Diana.jpg
buffalo clover Lady-Diana rear.jpg

Pictures Courtesy Of Buffalo Clover

Dam: SG Buffalo Clover Lady Diana 2*M

Dam's Sire: Buffalo Clover Euro

Dam's Dam: Buffalo Clover Princess 1*M

Show History

Not Shown

Linear Appraisal


       YEAR           DIM            MILK             BUTTERFAT           PROTEIN   

       2020 - In Progress                                                                                     

Kidding History

2020 - Twins: 1 Buckling and 1 Doeling (Sire: Asa)


Offspring Retained Within Our Herd