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Kidding Schedule

If interested in an animal from 7W Goat Farm, please refer to our SALES POLICY. We reserve the right to retain any animal born on our farm. We reserve the right to modify pricing once kids are born. We do NOT take reservations but you may fill out a Wish List request. There is no charge for a Wish List request. You can also see kids from our previous kidding seasons under the Previous Kidding Season Tab. 

Thank you for your interest.

If interested you can email us at or Private Message us through our Facebook page- 7W Goats

Titles and Milk Stars are in Turquoise. Linear Appraisal scores are in Blue.



Doelings Start at $450 and Go Up

Bucklings Start at $350 and Go Up

Wethers are $100 Each

*Current schedule for FALL 2023 and SPRING 2024 is Tentative and breedings are subject to change. All breedings will be verified by Ultrasound.

*Note: We will be kidding out in three groups this time around. 

Group #1 - Kidding in October

Group #2 - Kidding in December/January

Group #3 - Kidding in March/April


Kidding Schedule Quick Look 

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