Serendipity Acres FW Apache 1*M AR


Confirmation Pictures

Apache pictured here at 03-03 of age and 4 months into her 2nd freshening.

Barn Name: Apache

DOB: 5-1-2017

ADGA & AGS Registered

Color: Chamoisee

Blue Eyes

Apache's Theme: Native Americans

Apache's 2nd Freshening Udder

Apache's First Freshening Udder

Picture Courtesy Of Serendipity Acres

Picture Courtesy Of Serendipity Acres

Sire: Deb P's Ft. Worth +B

Sire's Sire: Good Measure Farm Fort Bridger

Sire's Dam: Milk Maid Ranch P Mocha

Dam: BB Farms Blue Velvet

Dam's Sire: Ashby Farms Redbud

Dam's Dam: Ricketts 4 Fancy Blue

(Good Measure Farm Fulton X Good Measure Farm PennyRoyal)

Show History

Not Shown

Linear Appraisal


       YEAR           DIM            MILK             BUTTERFAT           PROTEIN   

       2019 -             228              260                         17                          10         

       2020 -             269              826                         42                          34         

       2021 - In Progress                                                                                     

Kidding History

2019 - Twins: 1buckling & 1 doeling (Sire: Challah)

2020 - Triplets: 2 bucklings & 1 doeling (Sire: Renegade)

2021: Twins: 1 Buckling & 1 Doeling ( Sire: Challah)

Offspring Retained Within Our Herd

7W Farm's C Indian Paint Brush - Doe

7W Farm's R Crow - Doe