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Goat Care 101

This Page is under construction. I will add to it as time allows.

This page is to help you learn more about GOATS!

Here you will find basic information about every aspect of having goats.

By no means am I an expert, I am always learning new things and I hope that this information will be of some help to you on your goat journey. I an not an expert, and I am not a veterinarian, so please if you have any concerns about your goats or if you have a sick goat, consult your veterinarian.

In giving this information, I am not saying this is how it has to be done. I am saying this is how we do things here on our farm and that this is what works for us.


So You Want To Get Goats

Breeds of Goats

What Sex of Goat Do You Need/Want, How Many?

Horned vs. Hornless

Registered vs. Unregistered

Dam Raised vs. Bottle Raised

Housing Your New Goats

Picking Up Your New Goats

Terms/Words to Know

Understanding Goat Pedigrees

Basic Goat Healthcare Information

Medications To Have On Hand

Registering Your New Goats






Hoof Trimming



Milking/Milk Test

Linear Appraisal


Disease Testing

Livestock Guard Dogs

Products We Use and Recommend


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